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Who we are

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Since 1995 we have been offering internet service to business LOMO1, SOHO2 and consumer customers. We rank among our clients military organizations, governmental organizations, telecommunication operators, production and service companies, and professionals that choose us because of our main characteristics such as the high quality of our services, our responsiveness, our flexibility and our prices and tariffs.

In a market where the lack of qualified personnel is a great obstacle for companies facing the internet, and where outsourcing is more and more a winning choice, Panservice wants to act both as an ISP3 or as an ASP4, and wants to be a single point of contact either for services or for the network infrastructure where the services are delivered.

With more than ten years of experience in services related to informatics and a long experience in the internetworking area, our goal is to satisfy our customers through products and services matching their needs, which are easy to be used and of the highest achievable quality level.

We are on the market as an NASP5 in order to guarantee the Customer with the maximumn control either on the network infrastructure (data transport, hosting, housing, electronic mail) or on the applications (document handling, electronic commerce, web farm, portals), bridging the gap between ASP and ISP services.

Our commercial offer covers broadband access (ADSL, HDSL, Wireless, leased lines), narrowband access on analog and ISDN lines, hosting and domain registration services, server housing, dedicated and virtual servers, web site development, consultancy for companies who need to build data networks and on line services, offering advanced solutions all around Italy.

We are members of Associazione Italiana Internet Provider, members of Consorzio NaMeX, members and Local Registry of RIPE (Reseaux IP Europeenne), associated to Associazione degli Industriali della Provincia di Latina, associated to Federlazio, accredited mantainer with Registration Authority Italiana.

Panservice is the local provider (in the so called "Pianura Pontina") with own network infrastructure and the greatest bandwidth to the internet.

Our main interests in cooperations with foreign parties:

  • Offer services to foreign companies like server housing, equipment colocation, network deployment, web and application development and hosting, domain registration, security consultancy and remote network management;
  • Get connectivity offers from foreign carriers that would like to establish a presence in middle Italy and are searching space for their equipment;
  • Carry on partnerships with foreign companies in custom projects or developing new services in Italy;
  • Get contacts from foreign investors;

We invite you to send us feedback.

1 LOMO - Large Office Medium Office
2 SOHO - Small Office Home Office
3 ISP - Internet Service Provider
4 ASP - Application Service Provider
5 NASP - Network Application Service Provider

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